Table of Contents


  1. Alberto, Paulina

    1. Para africano ver:African-Bahian Exchanges in the Reinvention of Brazil’s Racial Democracy, 1961–63
      Paulina Alberto


  1. Beal, Sophia

  2. Beattie, Peter M.

    1. ‘ReCapricorning’ the Atlantic
      Peter M. Beattie
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      Maria Consuelo Cunha Campos


  1. de Almeida Souza, Juliana Beatriz

    1. Virgem Imperial:Nossa Senhora e império marítimo português
      Juliana Beatriz de Almeida Souza


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      João Miguel Freire


  1. Gould, Isabel Ferreira

    1. Decanting the Past:Africa, Colonialism, and the New Portuguese Novel
      Isabel Ferreira Gould


  1. Hawthorne, Walter

    1. “Being now, as it were, one family:”Shipmate bonding on the slave vessel Emilia, in Rio de Janeiro and throughout the Atlantic World
      Walter Hawthorne
  2. Höfling, Ana Paula

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      Ana Paula Höfling


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      Clémence Jouët-Pastré


  1. Macedo, Ana Gabriela

    1. Paula Rego’s Sabotage of Tradition:‘Visions’ of Femininity
      Ana Gabriela Macedo
  2. Machado-Borges, Thaïs

    1. O antes e o depois:Feminilidade, classe e raça na revista Plástica e Beleza*
      Thaïs Machado-Borges
  3. Mattos, Hebe

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      Cristina Mehrtens
  5. Metcalf, Alida C.


  1. Namorato, Luciana


  1. Penglase, Ben

    1. The Bastard Child of the Dictatorship:The Comando Vermelho and the Birth of “Narco-culture” in Rio de Janeiro
      Ben Penglase


  1. Roncador, Sonia

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      Sonia Roncador
  2. Rothwell, Phillip


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