Quando Nasceu Ezequiel?

O significado das datas no libelo acusatório em Dom Casmurro

Erika França de Souza Vasconcelos


This article reconstructs and examines the timeline in Dom Casmurro with a view to offering an interpretation for the chronological makeup of the novel. Aspects that characterize Bento Santiago as a deceptive narrator are noted, with an emphasis on the omission of dates in the narrative. The lacunae in the timeline significantly pertain to Ezequiel’s biography. By filling in the lacunae, it is demonstrated that the chronology surrounding Ezequiel’s birthdate and the alleged events that took place in Ezequiel’s childhood at ages 5 and 6, allegedly in the presence of Escobar, are inconsistent. Irreconcilable facts are foregrounded, impacting the credibility of the narrative as a whole. It is suggested that the accusatory piece that sagacious and experienced attorney Bento Santiago weaves against his wife Capitu be examined from a legalistic perspective. As Bento’s deceptive narration is revealed, it is evidenced that the case he makes against Capitu suffers from the absence of an accurate chronological and factual record—a sine qua non condition for the validity of any legal process. Finally, the enigma of Capitu is examined in light of a vicious and nullifiable legal process.


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