Table of Contents


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  2. Coelho, João Paulo Borges

    1. Writing in a Changing WorldThe Difficult Relationship with Reality
      João Paulo Borges Coelho


  1. Fitz, Earl E.

    1. On the Shoulders of GiantsThe Study of Portuguese and Luso-Brazilian Literature in the United States
      Earl E. Fitz


  1. Gibson, Annie



  1. Khosa, Ungulani Ba Ka

    1. Moçambique e o mundo da língua portuguesaQue relação, que futuro?
      Ungulani Ba Ka Khosa
  2. Klobucka, Anna M.

    1. Palmyra’s Secret GardenIberian (Dis)Connections, Portuguese Modernism, and the Lesbian Subject
      Anna M. Klobucka


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    1. A Reflection on Foreignness and the Construction of Brazilian National Identities
      Jeffrey Lesser
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  2. Monteiro, Pedro Meira

    1. Literatura e resistênciaAlfredo Bosi e a crítica (fora do Brasil)
      Pedro Meira Monteiro


  1. Oliveira-Monte, Emanuelle

    1. Blacks Versus WhitesSelf-Denomination, Soccer, and Race Representations in Brazil
      Emanuelle Oliveira-Monte



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  2. Rodrigues, Luís Nuno

    1. António de Spínola and the International Context of Portuguese Decolonization
      Luís Nuno Rodrigues
  3. Rothwell, Phillip

    1. Nostalgia and Misrepresenting JagasPepetela’s Strategies for Dealing with Failure in Crónicas com Fundo de Guerra and A Sul. O Sombreiro
      Phillip Rothwell


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