O mundo em fragmentos

Marques Rebelo, a política e as letras no Estado Novo

Valéria Paiva


This article analyzes the essays that Marques Rebelo wrote for the journal of Brazilian studies Cultura Política, published by the Departamento de Imprensa e Propaganda (D.I.P.) of the Estado Novo (Brazil, 1937–1945). This journal is considered to be the most sophisticated organ for the dissemination of political doctrine of the Getúlio Vargas dictatorship. Although Rebelo’s essays have fulfilled a political function in the context in which they were published, we opted in this article to address them first as literary text, and then to take into account the political background. My thesis is that their narrative structure, style and relationship with Rebelo´s other texts shape an identity that is at the same time literary and political, both marked by the absence of any idealistic aspiration and the search for a sensitive perception of reality.


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