Table of Contents


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  2. Bishop-Sanchez, Kathryn

    1. Editorial Note
      Kathryn Bishop-Sanchez
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    1. Between Machines, Coffee, and Dried PlantsThe 1930 Agricultural Exhibition in São Paulo
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  1. Dunn, Christopher

    1. Tom Zé’s IraráMemory and Revelation in the Brazilian Sertão
      Christopher Dunn


  1. Kulez, Ali

    1. An Early Encounter in the Global South‘Abd al-Rahman al-Baghdadi’s Journey to the Brazilian Empire
      Ali Kulez


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    1. Urban Sorcery, Segregation, and Ethnographic Spectacle in Twentieth-Century Rio de Janeiro
      Ana Paulina Lee


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    1. Reverberações do chão afro-brasileiro em movimento na escola de samba Acadêmicos do Salgueiro
      Vítor Gonçalves Pimenta


  1. Read, Ian

    1. “A Change Very Perceptible and Very Oppressive”Climate, Epidemics, and Race in Brazil
      Ian Read


  1. Scaraggi, Elisa

    1. A Tiny SparkHistory and Memory of the Angolan Anticolonial Struggle in José Luandino Vieira’s Papéis da prisão
      Elisa Scaraggi
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