Table of Contents


  1. Berktay, Asligul

  2. Bishop-Sanchez, Kathryn

    1. Editorial Note
      Kathryn Bishop-Sanchez
  3. Borim, Dário

    1. Jacobs, Adriana X. and Claire Williams, eds. 2022. After Clarice: Reading Lispector’s Legacy in the Twenty-First Century. Cambridge: Legenda. 466 pages.
      Dário Borim
  4. Brune, Krista

    1. Orpheu’s Modernist CrossroadsBetween Iberia and the World
      Krista Brune


  1. Cleminson, Richard

    1. “In You We Recognize Our Dark Brothers.” Pan-Africanism in PortugalThe View from Both Sides of the Atlantic (1918–1933)
      Richard Cleminson


  1. Dunn, Christopher

    1. Cardoso, Rafael. 2021. Modernity in Black and White: Art and Image, Race and Identity in Brazil, 1890–1945. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
      Christopher Dunn


  1. Ferreira, Patrícia Martinho

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      Patrícia Martinho Ferreira


  1. Jones, Jordan B.

    1. Black Female Narration, Self-Definition, and Intersectionality in Por cima do mar and The Hate U Give
      Jordan B. Jones


  1. Passos, Joana

    1. From Archipelago to Western MetropolisMigrants’ Stories by Orlanda Amarílis and Jamaica Kincaid
      Joana Passos


  1. Ricupero, Bernardo

    1. O Brasil no mito da América Latina de José Vasconcelos
      Bernardo Ricupero